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Warranty Protection

IA warranties are an insurance products intended to protect you against any unexpected repairs, and keep your IA running at peak performance. Your IA is covered by warranties designed to cover the necessary repairs or replacements.

Vehicle Warranty

The IA EC35 comes with a 5 year/ 75,000 mile warranty, giving you great peace of mind as you take to the roads in your new electric van.

Battery Warranty

The EV battery benefits from additional cover for 8 years/ 100,000 miles.

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What is included

Vehicle Warranty

IA vehicles are covered by a 5-year or 75,000-mile warranty.

Battery Warranty

The batteries on all IA models come with a standard warranty of 8 years or 100,000-miles.

What isn't included

Additional Coverage

We are prepared to help you with any services not listed here. For information on our warranties, including service details and what you might be required to pay for, please get in touch with us.


Here you can find some common queries regarding warranties.

What is a warranty?

The warranty on your vehicle is meant to protect you against the costs of parts and labour if your vehicle develops mechanical or electric problems. IA warranties are provided by MotorEasy.

Am I covered for wear and tear?

Wear and tear on consumables (such as oils, filters, lubricants, brake pads, bulbs, etc.) is not covered under our warranty.

What parts are not covered by the vehicle warranty?

Consumables or "wear and tear" items such as tyres, batteries, wiper blades, brakes, and clutches are not covered under our warranty policy. In this case, you may have to replace them if they fail because they have worn out.

Where do I take my IA for warranty repairs?

Halfords Autocentres provide warranty repairs. In order to find the nearest Halfords centre that can provide warranty repairs, please contact us.

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